Demewoz Woldegebreal in Ethiopian Dress

Demewoz Haile Woldegebreal Recognized as a Finalist in the American Society for Nutrition’s Graduate Student Research Award Competition

Demewoz Haile Woldegebreal has been named a finalist in the American Society for Nutrition’s (ASN) Graduate Student Research Award Competition, an educational activity that honors outstanding research and helps students hone their research presentation skills.

Nine finalists were chosen from 212 applicants and were recognized during NUTRITION 2021 LIVE ONLINE, the American Society for Nutrition’s annual scientific event that was held virtually from June 7-10, 2021.  Students were evaluated on their research concept, experimental design, data analysis, quality of conclusions drawn and writing skills.

Mr. Woldegebreal’ s abstract for NUTRITION 2021 LIVE ONLINE is titled “Simulated Impact of Vitamin A Fortified Sugar on Dietary Adequacy and Association of Usual Sugar Intake with Plasma and Breast Milk Retinol Among Lactating Women in Rural Zambia.” He is a fourth year PhD student in the Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology completing a Designated Emphasis in International and Community Nutrition at UC Davis.

“This competition recognizes students for their scientific communication skills, which is not only critical to career development but also for the advancement of nutrition science,” stated Martha Belury, PhD, RDN, Vice President Elect, American Society for Nutrition.

This program is supported by The Sugar Association.



NUTRITION 2021 LIVE ONLINE is the flagship online meeting of the American Society for Nutrition and the premiere educational event for nutritional professionals around the globe.  NUTRITION 2021 LIVE ONLINE brings together lab scientists, practicing clinicians, population health researchers and community intervention investigators to identify solutions to today’s greatest nutrition challenges. Our audience also includes rising leaders in the field – undergraduate, graduate, and medical students. Last year’s virtual event attracted more than 30,000 scientists from 167 countries.  

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