Current Students

Emily Becher

Research Interests: Public health nutrition, nutrition interventions, and maternal-child nutrition in low income populations

Katie Cox

Research interests: Maternal and child nutrition and health; infant and young child feeding practices; and child development.

Jennie Davis

Research Interests: Maternal and child nutrition, child feeding behaviors, international and community nutrition program development and evaluation, nutrition intervention programs, nutrition education.

Caitlin French

Research Interests: Interactions in host and microbial metabolism, maternal/ early child nutrition, cognitive development and nutrition behavior

Megan Grimes

Research interest: Maternal/early child nutrition, micronutrients and malnutrition, nutrition interventions in low-income populations

Leslie Olivares

Research interests: Nutrition among low-income populations, chronic diseases linked to malnutrition, nutrition education, and micronutrient deficiencies.

Rochelle Werner

Research Interests: Maternal and infant nutrition, dietary assessment, and implementation science

Demewoz Haile Woldegebreal

Research Interests: Implementation Science, Maternal and Child nutrition, Economics of Nutrition: Bio-economic modeling for nutrition, Nutrition intervention and Behavior change programs, Nutritional assessment and Nutritional epidemiology.