Seminar 2023-2024

The Institute for Global Nutrition weekly seminar is a forum to discuss new research and topics related to global nutrition. Seminars are held Wednesdays from 12:10-1:00 pm in the Foster Room (1138 Meyer Hall) both in person and virtually on Zoom. They are open to the UC Davis community and to the public. Students may register for academic credit (NUT 291 section 1). Members of the public and students who do not need academic credit can request access by emailing Maureen Phelan at

Videos of seminars will be posted after the event as they become available. Seminars from previous academic years are available via the menu on the right. This page will contain the current academic year of seminars (Fall 2023, Winter 2024, Spring 2024).

Winter 2024


Invited Speaker: Christine Stewart, Professor of Nutrition, Department of Nutrition, UC Davis
Social desirability bias in a randomized controlled trial promoting breastfeeding practice in Western Kenya 


Invited Speaker: Jennie Davis, Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Nutrition, UC Davis
Paper Discussion: Perspective: Peer Evaluation of Recommendations for CONSORT Guidelines for Randomized Control Trials in Nutrition


Invited Speaker: Kay Dewey, Distinguished Professor Emerita, Department of Nutrition, UC Davis
Effect of small-quantity lipid-based nutrient supplements provided to pregnant women on pregnancy and birth outcomes


Invited Speaker: Lauren Au, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition, UC Davis
Beyond the English Channel: Navigating hypothermia and caloric needs during marathon swimming while pregnant





Invited Speakers: 

Sorrel Namaste, DrPH, Deputy Project Director, NuMERAL (Nutrition Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning USAID Project), RTI International, North Carolina

Denish Moorthy, MD, Senior Technical Advisor, USAID Advancing Nutrition, International, John Snow, Inc., Massachusetts
In vein we train--Valid hemoglobin assessment and practical considerations



Invited Speakers:

Clair Null, PhD, Principal Researcher, Mathematica, Washington DC

Ali Akram, PhD, Applied Economist Senior Researcher, Mathematica, Washington DC
“Market Tests” of Balanced Energy Protein (BEP) Supplements for Pregnant and Lactating Women in Pakistan: Leveraging business models to complement government distribution through a social protection program


Invited Speakers:

Christine McDonald, ScD, Professor of Pediatrics, UCSF, School of Medicine and UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland

Sonja Hess, PhD, Research Nutritionist, Department of Nutrition, UC Davis
Antenatal intervention strategies providing food or cash with micronutrients to pregnant and breastfeeding women in low- and middle-income countries


Invited Speaker: Jason Montez, PhD, Scientist (Nutrition, Obesity, & Diet-related NCDs), World Health  Organization. Geneva Switzerland
Development of nutrient reference values for zinc


Invited Speaker: Thea Norman, PhD, Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Research designs and best practices for achieving informative results for policies and programs


Fall 2023


Invited Speaker: Reina Engle-Stone, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition,
UC Davis
Paper Discussion: Multiple micronutrient supplementation and cost-benefit tool for informing maternal nutrition policy and investment decisions


Invited Speaker: Per Ashorn, MD, PhD, Professor of Paediatrics at Tampere University, Finland
Lancet and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition series on newborn health


Invited Speaker: Aulo Gelli, PhD, Senior Research Fellow in the Nutrition, Diets, and Health Unit, IFPRI (International Food Policy Research Institute)
New technologies for dietary assessment


Invited Speakers:
Jonn Fajardo, PhD Student in Nutritional Biology, UC Davis

Katherine Kwon, PhD Student in Nutritional Biology, UC Davis
Discussion: Lancet and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition series on newborn health


Invited Speaker: Moses Klevor, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Clinical Nutrition and Dietics, University of Cape Coast, Ghana
Maternal and child nutrition in Ghana





Invited Speakers: 
Lindsey Locks, MPH, ScD, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Sciences, Program in Health Science, Boston University 

Pranay Sinha, MD, Assistant Professor, Chobanian and Avedisian School of Medicine, Boston University
Nutrition and Tuberculosis


Invited Speaker: Bess Caswell, PhD, Research Scientist, Immunity and Disease Prevention Research, USDA - Agriculture Research Service
Program impacts on dietary outcomes


Canceled. Happy Thanksgiving!




Invited Speakers:
Steve Vosti, PhD, Associate Adjunct Professor Emeritus, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis

Armando Colina, Ph.D. Student, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis 
Economically optimal strategies for addressing Vitamin A deficiencies: Different 'lenses' lead to different public policy choices