Seminars 2017-2018

The Institute for Global Nutrition weekly seminar (formerly the weekly seminar in International and Community Nutrition) is a forum to discuss new research and topics related to international and community nutrition. Seminars are held Wednesdays from 12:10-1:00 pm in the Foster Room (1138 Meyer Hall). They are open to the public and students may register for academic credit (NUT 291 section 1). The current seminar schedule is below. Videos of seminars will be posted after the event as they become available. Seminars from previous academic years are available via the left hand side menu. This page will contain the current academic year of seminars (Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Spring 2018).

Fall 2018

Dewey, McDonald, Engle-Stone9/26/18

Kathryn G. Dewey, Christine McDonald, and Reina Engle-Stone

PICN Faculty, UC Davis Department of Nutrition
Research Faculty Overviews


Allen, Prado, and Haskell10/3/18

Lindsay Allen, Elizabeth Prado, and Marjorie Haskell

PICN Faculty, UC Davis Department of Nutrition
Research Faculty Overviews


Hess, Steward, and Vosti10/10/18

Sonja Hess, Christine Stewart, and Steve Vosti

PICN Faculty, UC Davis Department of Nutrition
Research Faculty Overviews


Sigurn Henjum10/17/18

Sigrun Henjum

Associate Professor, OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway, Department of Nursing and Health Promotion
High prevalence of food insecurity among asylum seekers in Norway and mild to moderate iodine deficiency among young Norwegian women
Seminar Video


Ken Brown10/24/18

Ken Brown
Senior Program Officer in Nutrition, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Developing better tools for generating and interpreting data on population vitamin and mineral status globally



Hinnouho and Barffour10/31/18

Guy-Marino Hinnouho and Maxwell Barffour
Postdoctoral Scholars, UC Davis Department of Nutrition

Effects Of Daily Preventive Zinc Supplementation, MNP And Therapeutic Zinc Supplementation On Health And Nutritional Status Of Laotian Children
Seminar Video


Audrie Lin
Research Scientist & Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley
Effects of water, sanitation, handwashing, and nutritional interventions on environmental enteric dysfunction in young children: results from the WASH Benefits trials in Bangladesh and Kenya


Dewey and Jorgensen11/14/18

Kathryn G. Dewey and Josh Jorgensen
PICN Faculty, Department of Nutrition and Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Davis Department of Nutrition

Bioactive milk constituents and infant health. Results from the Breast Milk, Microbiome, and Immunity (BMMI) Project



Catie Oldenburg11/28/18

Catie Oldenburg
Assistant Professor, UCSF – Francis I. Proctor Foundation for Research in Ophthalmology

Antibiotics, weight gain, and the pediatric microbiome: evidence from a randomized controlled trial in Burkina Faso



Amanda Crump12/5/18

Amanda Crump
Lecturer in Plant Sciences and International Agricultural Development, UC Davis
INGENAES outcomes and new collaborations (Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agricultural Extension Services, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)


Spring 2018

Nany Keim4/4/18

Nancy Keim

Obesity and Metabolism Research Unit, USDA-ARS Western Human Nutrition Research Center
A Randomized Controlled Trial Based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans: Cardiometabolic Risk Factors & Variance in Responses
Seminar Video


Kevin Dodd4/11/18

Kevin Dodd

Biometry Research Group, Division of Cancer Prevention, National Cancer Institute
The National Cancer Institute Method: Overview & Concepts

Seminar Video


Ken Maleta4/18/18

Ken Maleta

University of Malawi College of Medicine
Grain Legumes as a Means to Improve Gut Health and Child Survival

Seminar Video


Ronit Ridberg4/25/18

Ronit Ridberg

The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, University of California, Davis
A pediatric fruit and vegetable prescription program increases household food security and children's produce consumption


Lorrene Ritchie5/2/18

Lorrene Ritchie

Nutrition Policy Institute University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Community programs and policies: What’s working in California and the U.S. to improve nutrition and prevent obesity among children?

Seminar Video


Katherine Panarella5/9/18

Katherine Panarella

Nutrition and Family and Consumer Sciences Program and Policy University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources
The UC ANR Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences (NFCS) Statewide Program: Pursuits in Community Health and Wellness Research and Extension Across the State
Seminar Video





Kelley Brian5/23/18

Kelley Brian

Youth, Families and Communities Advisor, University of California Cooperative Extension, Placer and Nevada Counties
Food Security for Families and Children in Placer County: Extension through Nutrition Education and Community Supported Agriculture


Elizabeth Prado5/30/18

Elizabeth Prado

Assistant Professor, UC Davis, Department of Nutrition
Pathways to child growth and development: Is linear growth restriction a valid indicator of delayed neurodevelopment



Luz Maria and Rolf Klemm6/6/18

Luz Maria de Regil and Rolf Klemm

Luz Maria de Regil, Vice President, Global Technical Services & Chief Technical Advisor Nutrition International and Rolf Klemm, Vice President of Nutrition Helen Keller International
Careers in Global Nutrition



Winter 2018

Reina Engle-Stone1/10/18

Reina Engle-Stone

Assistant Professor, UC Davis
The double burden of malnutrition among preschool children: Preliminary results from the BRINDA2 Project


Emily Piltch1/17/18

Emily Piltch

Postdoctoral Student, Tufts University, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Program in Agriculture, Food and the Environment
Manager and consumer perspectives on fruit and vegetable availability and purchasing at Navajo Nation small stores



Webcast: Preliminary results from the Sanitation Hygiene Infant Nutrition Efficacy (SHINE) trial

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Ann Weber1/31/18

Ann Weber

Postdoctoral Scholar, Division of Neonatal and Developmental Medicine, Department of Pediatrics Stanford Medicine
The MAHAY Pilot: Tackling stunting and promoting child development through integrated interventions in Madagascar
Seminar Video


Elizabeth Prado2/7/18

Elizabeth Prado

Assistant Professor, UC Davis, Department of Nutrition
A Toolkit for Measuring Early Childhood Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Seminar Video

Ermias Kebreab2/14/18

Ermias Kebreab

Professor, Sesnon Endowed Chair in Sustainable Agriculture, Associate Vice Provost, Deputy Director, Agricultural Sustainability Institute, Dept of Animal Science, UC Davis
Could dietary seaweed be the answer to mandatory methane emission reduction from cattle in California


Allen Vand Deynze2/21/18

Allen Van Denyze

Director of Research, Seed Biotechnology Center and Associate Director, Plant Breeding Center and Scientific Director, African Orphan Crops Consortium
Statistical modeling of usual intake via short-term dietary assessment instruments
Seminar Video


Steve Vosti and Laura Meinzen-Dick2/28/18

Steve Vosti and Laura Meinzen-Dick

Steve Vosti, Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis and Laura Meinzen-Dick, Ph.D. Student
Associations between Market Characteristics and Child Growth: Insights and Questions Emerging from the iLiNS Site in Burkina Faso


Guy-Marino Hinnouho and Sonja Hess3/7/18

Guy-Marino Hinnouho and Sonja Hess

Guy-Marino Hinnouho, Postdoctoral Scholar and Sonja Hess, Associate Research Nutritionist, Department of Nutrition, UC Davis
Accuracy and variation in measurement of hemoglobin for assessment of anemia


Benjamin Houlton3/14/18

Benjamin Z. Houlton

Professor and Chancellor's Fellow, Dept. of Land, Air and Water Resources, UC Davis Muir Institute, Global Environmental Studies
Feeding people without pollution: An overview of the global nitrogen challenge
Seminar Video

Fall 2017


Reina Engle-Stone, Charles Stephensen, and Christine McDonald

PICN Faculty, UC Davis     
Research Faculty Overviews


Allen, Dewey, Vosti10/4/17

Lindsay H. Allen, Kathryn G. Dewey, and Steve Vosti

PICN Faculty, UC Davis     
Research Faculty Overviews


Stewart, Prado, Haskell10/11/17

Christine Stewart, Elizabeth Prado, and Marjorie Haskell

PICN Faculty, UC Davis     
Research Faculty Overviews



Caitlin French10/18/17

Caitlin French

Ph.D. Candidate, UC Davis
Overview of issues arising from measurement error in dietary recall data and statistical methods to address it.
Discussion of two recent articles, led by Caitlin French

Seminar Video


Charles Arnold and Rebecca Young10/25/17

Charles Arnold and Rebeca Young

PICN Statisticians, UC Davis
Transparent and Open Research Principles
Seminar Video



Cassie Chandler11/1/17

Cassie Chandler

Senior Global Manager, Health, The Grameen Foundation  
Empowering Poor, Marginalized Women in Rajasthan for Improved, Gender-Equitable Household Nutrition: An Overview of Results
Seminar Video


Gilberto Kac11/8/17

Gilberto Kac

Professor, Federal University of Rio de Janiero
Research Overview
Seminar Video



Reina Engle-Stone11/15/17

Reina Engle-Stone

Assistant Professor, UC Davis
Weighing the risks of excessive vs insufficient intakes of vitamins and minerals delivered through public health interventions
Seminar Video


Kendra Byrd11/22/17

Kendra Byrd

Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Davis
The challenges and benefits of integrating nutrition, child development, and sanitation messages: An overview of the RINEW project


Jennifer Falbe11/29/17

Jennifer Falbe

Assistant Professor, UC Davis
Community organizing and municipal policy for health equity: Healthy retail and soda taxes



Elizabeth Prado12/6/17

Elizabeth Prado

Assistant Professor, UC Davis
Associations and effects of increased hemoglobin in infants and preschool children on growth, development and chronic disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis