Seminars 2014-2015

Below are the seminar schedules for the 2014-2015 academic year (Fall 2014, Winter 2015, Spring 2015)


Fall 2014

Kathryn Dewey11/5/14 

Dr. Kay Dewey

Food Supply vs. Healthy Diet Recommendations: What are the gaps?
Seminar Video


Carlie Stephensen11/19/14 

Dr. Charles Stephensen

Effect of newborn vitamin A supplementation on vaccine responses of Bangladeshi infants
Seminar Video


Kassandra Harding11/24 or 11/26/14    

Kassandra Harding

Exploring Personal, Social, Cultural, and Environmental Factors that Influence the Health and Nutrition of Pregnant Women and Their Infants within the Context of a Community Health Program in Rural Bangladesh
Seminar Video


Leah Hibel12/3/14

Dr. Leah Hibel, Human Development

Mother-child physiological co-regulation
Seminar Video


Maxwell Barffour12/10/14

Dr. Maxwell Barffour

Malaria Incidence as a Function of Iron and Vitamin A Status: Evidence from a Study in Rural Zambian Children
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Fall 2014 Seminars not Recorded

Dr. Christine Stewart, Dr. Marjorie Haskell, Dr. Steve Vosti
Faculty Research Overviews

Dr. Bo Lonnerdal, Dr. Lindsay Allen, Dr. Kay Dewey
Faculty Research Overviews

Dr. Sonja Hess, Dr. Lucia Kaiser, Dr. Caroline Chantry, Dr. Betty Burri
Faculty Research Overviews

Jérôme Somé
Discussion of the paper entitled “Iron fortification adversely affects the gut microbiome, increases pathogen abundance and induces intestinal inflammation in Kenyan infants”, by Jaeggi et al. Gut 2014

Dr. Steve Vosti, Dr. Reina Engle-Stone and Dr. Justin Kagin
An Economic Optimization Tool for Micronutrient Interventions in Cameroon


Winter 2015

Amanda Crump1/7/15

Amanda Crump, MS

Associate Director, Horticulture Innovation Lab 
Integrating international nutrition and agriculture on the UC Davis campus
Seminar Video


Kara Bresnahan1/28/15

Kara Bresnahan, PhD

MPH Candidate, UC Berkeley
From Deficiency to Toxicity?  The Relationship between Indicators of Vitamin A Status and Interventions to Alleviate Deficiency in the Developing World
Seminar Video


Cassie Chandler2/4/15

Cassie Chandler, MPH

Technical Advisor, Freedom from Hunger
Microfinance and Health Protection - Linking Savings Groups to Health and Nutrition
Seminar Video


Susana Matias3/4/15

Susana Matias, PhD

Assistant Project Scientist, Department of Nutrition
Effects of LNS on maternal outcomes during pregnancy: Results from the Rang-Din Nutrition Study
Seminar Video


Lucia Kaiser3/11/15

Lucia Kaiser, PhD

Cooperative Extension Specialist, UC Davis
Revisiting the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Population: Update since 2009
Seminar Video




Winter 2015 Seminars not Recorded

Narine Yegiyan, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication 
Creating Effective Health Messages: The Motivated Cognition Approach

Mayra Gomez
MS Candidate, Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology 
Is it time for bed? Short sleep duration increases the risk of obesity in Mexican American children

Lauren Pincus
PhD Candidate, Department of Plant Sciences  
Indigenous leafy greens in Uganda

Spring 2015

Audrie Lin4/8/15

Audrie Lin

Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Berkeley
Environmental enteropathy & malnutrition: A multifaceted perspective
Seminar Video


Aifric O'Sullivan4/15/15

Aifric O’Sullivan

Lecturer,School of Agriculture & Food Science, University College Dublin    
Translating personalised nutrition research to personalised dietary advice
Seminar Video


Lacey Badiviez4/22/15

Lacey Badiviez

Study Coordinator,  Western Human Nutrition Research Center    
How to get from recruitment to results: the nuts and bolts of coordinating the WHNRC’s Nutritional Phenotyping Study
Seminar Video


Thorkild Tylleskar4/29/15

Thorkild Tylleskar

Professor, Centre for International Health,  University of Bergen
Konzo – a toxiconutritional disease in Africa 
Seminar Video



D'Ann FinleyD’Ann Finley

Associate Editor, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition    
How to get your paper published in the best nutrition journals
Seminar Video



Muzi Na5/13/15

Muzi Na

Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. International Health, John Hopkins University
A Behavior-based Household Food Insecurity Scale: Validity and Findings from Bangladesh and Zambia
Seminar Video


Deb Niemeier5/20/15

Deb Niemeier

Professor, Dept Civil & Environmental Engineering, UC Davis   
The grass is always greener: Poultry trends in the developed and developing worlds
Seminar Video


Brietta Oaks5/27/15

Brietta Oaks

Postdoctoral Scholar, Dept. Nutrition, UC Davis    
Associations of maternal cortisol, inflammation, hemoglobin, iron status, and BMI with birth outcomes in pregnant women in Ghana
Seminar Video


Rowan Harvey6/3/15

Rowan Harvey

Making Nutrition Programming Work for Women and Girls: A Women's Rights Approach
Seminar Video