Seminars 2018-2019

The Institute for Global Nutrition weekly seminar (formerly the weekly seminar in International and Community Nutrition) is a forum to discuss new research and topics related to international and community nutrition. Seminars are held Wednesdays from 12:10-1:00 pm in the Foster Room (1138 Meyer Hall). They are open to the public and students may register for academic credit (NUT 291 section 1). The current seminar schedule is below. Videos of seminars will be posted after the event as they become available. Seminars from previous academic years are available via the left hand side menu. This page will contain the current academic year of seminars (Fall 2018, Winter 2019, Spring 2019).

Spring 2019

Joanne Arsenault and Gerald Nelson4/3/19

Joanne Arsenault and Gerald Nelson

Associate Project Scientist, Department of Nutrition, University of California, Davis and Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Nutrition Security to the Mid-Century: Does Climate Change Offset the Benefits of Income Growth?
Seminar Video


Gwen Chodur4/10/19

Gwen Chodur

Doctoral Candidate, Graduate Group in Nutritional Biology, University of California, Davis
Assessing food system vulnerabilities using a fault tree approach
Seminar Video



Ryan WessellsRyan Wessells

Assistant Project Scientist, Department of Nutrition, University of California, Davis
Assessment of Dietary Intake and Nutrient Gaps, and Development of Food-Based Recommendations, among Pregnant and Lactating Women in Zinder, Niger: An Optifood Linear Programming Analysis.
Seminar Video



Jessica Fanzo and Fabrice DeClerckJessica Fanzo and Fabrice DeClerck

Bloomberg Distinguished Associated Professor of Global Food & Agricultural Policy and Ethics, Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics and Science Director, EAT, and Senior Scientist, Biodiversity International
The EAT-Lancet Commission on Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems (ANH Academy / Ag2Nut CoP Webinar)
Seminar Video



Georg Lietz and Jennifer FordGeorg Lietz and Jennifer Ford

Professor of International Nutrition, Human Nutrition Research Centre, Newcastle University, UK and Research Assistant Professor, Department of Nutritional Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University
Global Vitamin A Studies (GloVitAS) in Children: Use of Compartmental Analysis and a "Super-Child" Approach to Assess Vitamin A Status
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Kate ScowKate Scow

Professor of Soil Science and Microbial Ecology, Department of Land, Air and Water Resources, UC Davis
Standing on Firm Ground: Exploring the Connections between Soil Health and Human Health. A discussion.
Seminar Video



Canceled due to the Nutrition in Animal Source Foods Conference May 14-15, UCD Conference Center.


Klaus KraemerKlaus Kraemer

Managing Director, Sight & Life, Adjunct Professor Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Switzerland
Tackling Micronutrient Deficiencies During the 1,000 Days

*Special Seminar Thursday 11:00-12:00*



Heather RidenHeather Riden

Manager, Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety, University of California, Davis
Pasos Saludables: A workplace intervention to reduce diabetes and obesity risk among California's farmworkers
Seminar Video



Shannon McClorryShannon McClorry

Ph.D. Candidate, Slupsky Lab, Nutritional Biology, UC Davis
Understanding the sex differences in iron-deficiency anemia during infancy

Seminar Video



Janice MeermanJanice Meerman

Technical Writer & Research Consultant to FAO and The World Bank
Food System Reform: Selected Findings From a Few Recent Initiatives
Seminar Video




Winter 2019

Kathryn G. Dewey1/9/19

Kathryn G. Dewey

Distinguished Professor Emerita, Department of Nutrition, University of California, Davis
Update on current knowledge about child growth

Seminar Video


Orion Stewart1/16/19

Orion Stewart

Program Evaluator, UC Davis Institute for Population Health Improvement
Koa Family: a new whole health program for low-income mothers in California
Seminar Video

Amanda Crump1/23/19

Amanda Crump

Lecturer in International Agricultural Development, University of California, Davis
INGENAES outcomes and USAID Advancing Nutrition opportunities
Seminar Video


Peng Ji1/30/19

Peng Ji

Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition, University of California, Davis
Risk, consequence and potential mechanism of iron overload in a nursing piglet model
Seminar Video


Tomoe Bourdier2/6/19

Tomoe Bourdier

Postdoctoral Scholar, Agriculture & Resource Economics, University of California, Davis
Economics of Ag-Nutrition interventions - Example of the India Grain Legume Cluster Development project

Seminar Video


Rolf Klemm2/13/19

Rolf Klemm

Vice President of Nutrition, Helen Keller International
NOTHING IS SIMPLE! Challenges of implementing & evaluating nutrition interventions in a changing programmatic & epidemiological landscape

Seminar Video


Bess Caswell2/20/19

Bess Caswell

Postdoctoral Scholar, Department of Nutrition, University of California, Davis
Adequacy, variability and diversity of child diet over three seasons in rural Zambia
Seminar Video

Kevin Gee2/27/19

Kevin Gee

Associate Professor, School of Education, University of California, Davis
Parenting While Food Insecure: Links Between Adult Food Insecurity, Parenting Aggravation & Children's Behaviors
Seminar Video


Sigrun Henjum3/6/19

Sigrun Henjum

Associate Professor, OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway, Dept of Nursing and Health Promotion
Dietary intake, micronutrients and development in Nepali mother and child pairs


Leah Hibel3/13/19

Leah Hibel

Assistant Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, University of California, Davis
Adversity and the development of stress regulation
Seminar Video





Fall 2018

Dewey, McDonald, Engle-Stone9/26/18

Kathryn G. Dewey, Christine McDonald, and Reina Engle-Stone

PICN Faculty, UC Davis Department of Nutrition
Research Faculty Overviews


Allen, Prado, and Haskell10/3/18

Lindsay Allen, Elizabeth Prado, and Marjorie Haskell

PICN Faculty, UC Davis Department of Nutrition
Research Faculty Overviews


Hess, Steward, and Vosti10/10/18

Sonja Hess, Christine Stewart, and Steve Vosti

PICN Faculty, UC Davis Department of Nutrition
Research Faculty Overviews


Sigurn Henjum10/17/18

Sigrun Henjum

Associate Professor, OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway, Department of Nursing and Health Promotion
High prevalence of food insecurity among asylum seekers in Norway and mild to moderate iodine deficiency among young Norwegian women
Seminar Video


Ken Brown10/24/18

Ken Brown
Senior Program Officer in Nutrition, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Developing better tools for generating and interpreting data on population vitamin and mineral status globally



Hinnouho and Barffour10/31/18

Guy-Marino Hinnouho and Maxwell Barffour
Postdoctoral Scholars, UC Davis Department of Nutrition

Effects Of Daily Preventive Zinc Supplementation, MNP And Therapeutic Zinc Supplementation On Health And Nutritional Status Of Laotian Children
Seminar Video


Audrie Lin
Research Scientist & Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley
Effects of water, sanitation, handwashing, and nutritional interventions on environmental enteric dysfunction in young children: results from the WASH Benefits trials in Bangladesh and Kenya


Dewey and Jorgensen11/14/18

Kathryn G. Dewey and Josh Jorgensen
PICN Faculty, Department of Nutrition and Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Davis Department of Nutrition

Bioactive milk constituents and infant health. Results from the Breast Milk, Microbiome, and Immunity (BMMI) Project



Catie Oldenburg11/28/18

Catie Oldenburg
Assistant Professor, UCSF – Francis I. Proctor Foundation for Research in Ophthalmology

Antibiotics, weight gain, and the pediatric microbiome: evidence from a randomized controlled trial in Burkina Faso



Amanda Crump12/5/18

Amanda Crump
Lecturer in Plant Sciences and International Agricultural Development, UC Davis
INGENAES outcomes and new collaborations (Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agricultural Extension Services, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)