Faculty Membership Information

The Institute for Global Nutrition is a Special Research Program at UC Davis managed by the Office of Research. The Institute was established to promote and facilitate research, training, and service activities concerning human nutrition problems affecting low-income or disadvantaged communities globally. More information about the Institute is available at globalnutrition.ucdavis.edu.

Vision and Mission Statements
Our vision is a world without malnutrition, where all people have the opportunity to thrive.

Our mission is to advance human nutrition research, training, and outreach to improve the lives of vulnerable people globally.

Membership Criteria

Members of the UCD faculty (including members of the Academic Senate and Academic Federation) and members of the faculty of other UC campuses are welcome to apply for membership in the IGN if they have a serious interest in global nutrition issues, as defined above, and a willingness to contribute to the sustenance of the Institute. Evidence of this interest in global nutrition will be: 1) previous publications and/or active research in this area, 2) supervision of graduate students or fellows working on global nutrition problems, and/or 3) regular attendance at the IGN seminar.

Membership Privileges and Responsibilities

Special privileges offered to IGN members include:
1) Eligibility for available financial support to facilitate initiation of new research projects of interest to the Institute
2) Access to administrative services customized to the needs of your contracts and grants, including proposal and budget preparation, account management, purchasing and travel planning and processing, hiring, and student support
3) Participation in the selection of students to receive available fellowship support through the Institute
4) Access to data management and statistical support services for the preparation of grant proposals, consulting on research projects, and supporting the PI’s graduate student researchers and postdocs
5) Participation in the definition of the full scope of programmatic activities.

Responsibilities of IGN members include:
1) Attendance and periodic presentation to the IGN seminar
2) Participation in required and elective IGN courses
3) Guidance of graduate students of the IGN
4) Contribution to IGN committee activities and/or assistance with fundraising tasks
5) Regular attendance at annual IGN meetings

Faculty Membership Application