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Christine Stewart Joins American Society of Nutrition Board of Directors

Davis, CA (August 1, 2023) – The American Society for Nutrition (ASN) has announced that Christine Stewart, PhD, MPH, will serve as Director-At-Large, Global Nutrition on their Board of Directors. Stewart has been a member of ASN since 2005, serving in various volunteer and leadership positions within the society. Her two-year term as Director-At-Large begins on August 1, 2023.

“My goal is to help ASN achieve its vision of a healthier world through evidence-based nutrition,” said Stewart. “I believe that our society’s strength is in our diversity of expertise, methods, backgrounds, and perspectives, all of which are needed to address the nutrition challenges of a changing world.”

The mission of ASN is to advance the science, education, and practice of nutrition. As global leaders in nutrition, ASN members generate and disseminate fundamental nutrition evidence for informing food systems, public health, medicine, education and dietetic practice. As the landscape of nutrition rapidly changes, ASN members are working to increase transparency of research, restore consumers’ trust in nutrition science, and increase investment in nutrition research.

At University of California Davis, Stewart is the Corinne L. Rustici Endowed Chair in Applied Human Nutrition and Professor, Department of Nutrition. She is also the Director of the university’s Institute for Global Nutrition. Her background and training is in the area of public health nutrition with a special emphasis on the design and evaluation of interventions targeted to women and young children in low-income settings.

ASN is the preeminent professional organization for nutrition research scientists and clinicians around the world. Founded in 1928, the society brings together the top nutrition researchers, medical practitioners, policy makers and industry leaders to advance our knowledge and application of nutrition. ASN publishes four peer-reviewed journals, provides education and professional development opportunities, and hosts an annual meeting, NUTRITION. Learn more at

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